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Wow, nobody wants to offer an opinion? What about the patch, the wings, the cloth, the insignia...

I think it's a nice set but wonder if the patch is the quality you would expect from a Paris tailor.

Well, knowing nothing about US uniforms I'd ask myself why get a uniform made in Paris and then never wear it. No staining under the armpits etc. from what I can see.

The cloth patches have no marks/staining whatsoever, they're very clean and look to me as if stitched by hand (I'm no tailor though). Wouldn't a tailor have an old singer or something?

If the uniform was cheap and I collected US militaria I'd probably go for it but, if I wanted the real thing I'd something to back the ebay description up. Having friends at Manions puts me off too.

Hopefully someone with knowledge in this area can give a better answer.


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