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  1. I had one of those but traded away years ago. I wasn’t sure what era it was from. I don’t recall the stamps inside.
  2. Nice, I must admit that after 30+ year collecting I’m not very knowledgeable on Kraftfahrer gear. I know it when I see if but don’t know how to authenticate. it looks genuine
  3. I just noticed a few of those Ulans were EK2 ribbons so that’s definitely wartime. I just won this nice photo I found while researching. Too bad I traded by 17th Husar visor years ago.
  4. Another example of NCO tunic though not a Leib garde supposedly photos dated Aug 9, 1914...
  5. Chris, it’s almost identical to yours. I’m not sure how many colors Prussia used for the Litewka. Also, I don’t know how many NCOs and officers may have ordered private made Litewka in field gray. I know there’s a photos of a field gray Wurttemberg Dragoon Litewka from a feldwebel turned offizierstellvertreter in FELDZUG 1914 or 15 BY MICHAEL BALDWIN.
  6. You’re correct on multiple points. I think the cut of the tunic is exactly that of the litewka and the insignia used is for the litewka. Attached are a couple more examples that I found. It’s very interesting to learn about more styles of dress. I’ve not spent a lot of time on cavalry style dress and almost no time on pre-war uniforms.
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