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    1. Your assessment seems reasonable. Would you be able to share the name of the Graf at some point?
    2. Would anyone be able to help me narrow the list of possible candidates to the original wearer of this tunic? Thanks to Glenn for the list.The man would have had an EKI, ano9ther great badge, maybe would badge. And a long medal bar judging from the loops. There are enough loops for a 10 old style Bavarian, a 12 place wartime ribbon bar, or a roughly 8 place medal bar. Hippolyt von Kiliani (7 January 1914) Konrad Prinz von Bayern (10.9.14) à la suite Heinrich Rhomberg (3 November 1914) Eckart von Pappus und Trazberg, Frhr. zu Landenberg und Rauhenzell (19 May 16) Heinrich Prinz von Bayern (serving with the Infanterie-Leib-Regiment) Karl Ritter von Gonnermann (18 January 1917) I know there are still some old hand historians still on this forum. Good ol Rick would have spent hours helping, rest his sole… I sure miss Rick L.
    3. Some enamel Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian Rare Bulgarian Bravery Order G3/C1 Bavarian MMO Bavarian MMO2x Red Eagle Order
    4. Nice job Chris… don’t know how you do it. It looks like a very nice early war tunic. Post more images if you dare
    5. I have two, one was the first imperial order purchased from Detlev. It has damage but I like it. Sorry for the quality but its behind glass.
    7. Thanks Rick, I haven’t seen all episodes of the series. I need to check it out. I also need to look bad at your traveling circus thread again. That one should be pinned so its easy to find imo.
    8. Nice, I’m fond of Baden Dragoon Regt 22. I acquired a spiked helmet for the regiment not long ago myself
    9. One hole is for a single post award and the lower was intended for a 2 post award as evidence by the staining and imprint inside on the lining it appears this officer may have worn a wound badge with dual screw post or another award with a dual screw post that also had an oval back plate. I have the advantage of knowing what it looks like inside the lining. I don’t have such a badge collection, so why decided on a screw back FA.
    10. The tunic has three sewn holes for badges. I assume in order to screw back awards. I believe most often the holes were for screwback awards, and sewn loops were for pin back.
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