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  1. ccj

    French Generals

    Yes, that’s a good book. Thanks
  2. ccj

    Post your French Generals

    Does anyone have general’s items to share?
  3. Does anyone have a Bavarian Flugeladjutant aiguillette that will post images?
  4. Ok, another question. Would the collar tabs on this tunic be 1910 pattern or M1915 pattern added to a 1910/15 tunic?
  5. It depends on how many ribbons are worn. The MOH is always the top ribbon in precedence on the bar. so, if the lower rows are full then the MOH is on a row alone atop the others. If there’s an odd amount, like the Navy Seal, then the MOH will be worn on same row as another ribbon but in higher precedence. the staggered bars are just arranged so all can be seen.
  6. Next question, what color belt buckle would a Bavarian Flugeladjutant wear, silver?
  7. https://www.militaria.at/Book.aspx?book=1596672&Language=de Does this book have any feldgrau uniforms to compare the changes?
  8. Wouldn’t it be great to have the awards Castell was entitled to display on this tunic? I'm still not convinced Castell was not awarded the EK1 during the war. It’s hard to find good photos of the man but I think this could be him
  9. Yes, he wears a a Friedensrock. He’s Bavarian but not sure if the collar litzen represents Leib Regt, General Staff, etc.
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