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  1. Update... still looking for a nice pair of gray leather gloves
  2. Nice photo the Neck orders are: Wurttemberg Friedrich Order Commander 2nd class w/Sword Prussian Crown Order 2nd Class w/Swords Prussian Johanniter Order Chest: Wurttemberg Crown Order Honor Cross w/Swords Saxon Albert Order Officer Cross w/Swords
  3. A very impressive list of awards and I like his field gray uniforms. I would love to see either in color, especially the 1910 tunic.
  4. Thank you… I'm still searching for photos and histories on Garde Landwehr Kavallerie formations during the Great War.
  5. Yes, it’s an attractive tunic. I’m still researching Landwehr Kavallerie officers and their special uniforms, as I have sporadically for years, with little success. interesting drawing https://antique-photos.com/en/unidatabase/german-empire/444-uniform-of-landwehr-cavalry-officers.html
  6. Possibly Saxon Pioneer on 1st two photos.Cockade looks Saxon, ribbon looks Saxon. The second photo is definitely Saxon based on cuffs.
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