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  1. Nice shoulder boards. I think I like the subdued boards better than the earlier patterns.
  2. Hi Chuck, I’m pretty sure the first ribbon is/was an EKII that the white stripes have worn off or become dark. I’ve seen the white stripes wear harder than the black. Ribbon guys may know why.
  3. Correct... and not much opinions on the Aviation Kleiner Rock
  4. That’s a good question... would be a great question had I known the answer.
  5. Yes, General Staff correct, could be Mecklenburg Schwerin or Strelitz
  6. I had a feeling it was me... confirmation is always helpful.
  7. Nice- I need to create a display wall in my collection room but I’m lazy when it’s nice I like to site outside in the backyard and drink beer and scotch and it’s finally very nice outside sunny and 80°
  8. I’m not sure who owns this tunic now but it’s a real beauty
  9. That’s probably the best wartime display I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love the coat...
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