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  1. I’d like to know opinions from uniform collectors and those knowledgeable on the topic of the Kriegsministerium and Beamten. it’s a unique tunic for sure and I’ve seen M15 buttons on 1910 style tunics but unsure if higher grade officers did such. Also, I thought the Kriegministerium Rat wore crimson and blue collar piping
  2. Also, I’m curious if ever a person was awarded such an award in WW1. it looks really but as stated, the Eagle looks late or post war and the 60 would mean about 1858
  3. I’m not sure what to think of it but feel it’s a real RAO but I’m confused about the swords and the looks of the eagle. I think the eagle is nice but not the quality I’ve seen of early period orders.
  4. Here’s an interesting item. Red Eagle Order 2 with Swords and Swords on Ring... with 60 year... opinions as it appears to be Silver-Gilt and has screwed in Swords and soldered on swords on ring.
  5. Prewar and wartime M15 Attila to compare straps and NCO braid. these are not my Attila, but saved images of a fe that have sold. The M15 dated Attila has the color a bit washed out by flash
  6. update- universal cap on display until I ever locate a nice prewar or wartime LGH visor cap. If anyone has one for sale or trade I’m interested. opinions on tunic are very welcome, looking for honest feedback. I think it’s a good tunic with all original, period applied insignia. I’ve receive neutered negative feedback nor information of usage during the war.
  7. I had one of those but traded away years ago. I wasn’t sure what era it was from. I don’t recall the stamps inside.
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