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  1. Here’s an interesting display for a Prussian General with overcoat draped over the shoulders. Would others share their General and/or Field grade officers uniform items?
  2. That’s very interesting. I was unaware of these troops. I wonder how the units were structured. I tried to research this topic.
  3. I have two General staff officer displays now…. One has matching trousers. it’s taken years to find.
  4. I suppose it wasn’t too uncommon for officers to be transferred to new units and keep their litzen if from guard units.
  5. Superb display. I have a really nice LGR100 NCO TUNIC and SPIKE... I’d love to have a nice Saxon officers tunic amd a few great ribbon bars. you have choice Saxon Ribbon Bars in your collection not to mention all the other nice Saxon militaria.
  6. I was looking at photos on line and came across and interesting officers tunic fir Fußartillerie “272” with Guard Litzen so, I imagine these officers are transfers to other units. I think it’s 272.
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