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    i was tootling about looking at weimar/freikorps-era stuff and i noticed that weitze has the weimar-era version badge of this organization (with mini) listed at 1,500 euros. so i dug this one out. it's the earlier version with crown. the weimar-era version has a smaller wreath without crown.

    anyways, huesken attributes this badge to the Deutscher Modell- und Segel- und Segelflugverband (DMSV)

    is anyone a font of knowledge on these badges or this organization?

    ps- oh, and there were two grades of this badge: leistungsabz. (proficiency badge in silver-this one) and meisterabz. (in gold).

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    i was searching thru completed auctions on ebay and noticed that one of these recently sold. unfortunately, the images have been removed.

    i know it's a long shot but i am hoping that the winner of the abovementioned auction may see this thread and post images so that comparisons can be made...

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    Hi Eric, here is my example ,seems to be the same type/maker as yours. This one is not from ebay ,I have had it several years. There are copies that are very good but the enameling and the pin quality lets them down. The detail on the originals is ' simple ' to use a polite term and as a result people who may not know what they are looking for in a good one shy away from them. They are in fact fairly scarce beasts and a nice looking badge too !! Ferg1.

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