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    Three new ribbon bars really odd ones!

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    As I know you all lika to see strange and odd ribbonbars .... or :unsure:

    I hunt for theese during night and days when I should be working and sleeping.

    Hmm the real reson is that I cant afford the big fancy medal bars and have to hunt theese cheap ones :blush:

    Now to the point ! What do I have now ?

    First one is one really strange one?

    HEK NC + Saschen EK ? + NSDAP 10Y ? I have never seen a HEK take that large place :cool:

    Or am I completely wrong ?


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    And the backside of it, could it be a strange looking Hamburg ?

    Hmm probably a RAO peacetime awarded, I forgot the mentioned that the bar is of the halfheight model.


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    Last one and this is ?

    It looks like EK II NC + ? + ?

    :jumping: Aha ! After examing it with 15X and 25 X I see that the first one is a Bavaria MVK or MVO There is

    traces of blue colour in the first one / So MVK/MVO+ EK + probably a very very very bleached Bayern LS

    This one must have been worn for a long time :D

    Of course I checked all ribbons with UV light and it shows no sign of modern material.

    but the best thing is your own experience and nose ;) They feels , smells and look like real ones.


    Edited by christerd
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