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New Serbia, Yugoslavia, Catalog Orders Medal 1858 - 1941

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There is a new catalog: Serbia, Yugoslavia, Catalog Orders Medal 1858 - 1941 on ebay.com:


It must be quite new one. Has anybody already this catalog, your opinion?



I still didn't have a chance to see the catalog, but since I know Mr. Muhic, and the size of his collection, I would say that this catalog is a must have for everyone interested in Serbian/Yugoslavian militaria.

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Hello Waldemar

I have my copy already. It has even some pictures out of my collection inside. Having a reference catalogue is OK, but I am not very happy that it is a catalogue with price list. This will result in a "harder" front with the dealers hanging on to the catalogue and not dealing each item as it is, thus regarding the state and ownership and ...... .

It was time to have such a book but without pricelists. IMHO !

One other detail: I have nothing against that the book is written in Croatian but I would have been aspecting that at least in the chapter Titles the names of the orders and medals would have been given as they are originally named in Serbian. The diferences are small but the main public will not be speaking Croatin/Serbian and then the will start giving the wrong names to the orders and medals. :off topic:

Best regards


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