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  1. You are right, the homepage looks not like 'state of the art'. I will visit them and examine some pieces, let me know if you have problems. w.
  2. I think, you must first register and than order a catalog. It is very strange: Rauch is well known as a very serious and professional. I assume that you used this email: office@hdrauch.com. They have in December 5 actions, first starting on 1st of December. Now you can visit them and examine lots you are interested in. Maybe they need little time. Send them email again, if it will not work let me know maybe I can help you. w.
  3. Hi Bob, yes these are not only eye catcher but it seems that they disappeared from the market . Even Order of Yugoslav Flag 1st class is not available and if, the prices are very high. I think €2,500 in Germany offered by a dealer. Order of War Flag with awarding document €5,500 are quite expensive. Have you seen the medal for the Zagreb's internal forces for 30 Year work - in 18K gold? I particular like the design of anniversary badge 1917-1947 for participants of October Revolution in Russia. Of course I like all personal groupings particular Cedo Kapo , Gen. Pavle Pekic and Gen. Jaksic . Very interesting is grouping of Boris Balas with his unique table medals . I will sure come to that auction, as far I remember there was no similar huge auction dedicated Peoples Yugoslavia. :jumping:
  4. usually they have a possibility to buy a group as a group: it means you give global bid from lot Nr. x to Lot Nr. y then they compare what is the higher bid: summ of bid for each particular object or the global bid. If global bid is higher you get the whole group. I was once in auction at HDRauch and I've seen that they offer this possibility for the bidders. @BOB I think you have seen Albanian Order of Partisan Star made by mondvor too. I think this is more your focus area.
  5. Gentlemen, there is one OPS3 made by DDR and complete set of Order of Partisan Star made by Mondvor on sale: http://www.hdrauch.com/auction/coins/index.php?action=catalog&suba=list&catid=28&PHPSESSID=f69bde5b9b83c86ddd23e4dad8535f46 w.
  6. Gentlemen, the auction catalog is already online: http://www.hdrauch.com/auction/coins/index.php?action=catalog&suba=list&catid=28&PHPSESSID=f69bde5b9b83c86ddd23e4dad8535f46 There is great part concerning Yugoslavia - in fact this seems to be the bigest collection offered in one auction. There are some interesting Orders from Albania: all three classes of order of Partisan Star made by Mondvor, with massiv gold 1st klass. Some orders from Poland, Romania, SU and Unesco. w.
  7. I called them today: the auction will take place on 6.12.2011. The catalog should be available on 10.11.2011. :love:
  8. I'm not sure, but I think that they are planning auction on the begin of December, it means that catalog should be available at the End of October or begin of November. It is great pleasure to see such decorations on sale. Higher orders are increasingly harder to find, and these TOP orders are almost not available on market. The only things is to allocate money, I'm working on that. :unsure:
  9. Gentlemen, there is new announcement for upcoming auction at well known Orders and Medals Dealer in Vienna. I called them to get more details, what I was told that they are preparing an auction for beginning of December. This will be one auction dedicated to communist Yugoslavia and contain almost every decoration from that period with all types and variants of the same decoration. Here is the Link: http://www.hdrauch.com/ I will try to get more Information as soon they are possible. w.
  10. Thank you Drugo :jumping:for excellent translation. It seems to be a rare specimen. I like the design of this badge. I have no experience with Barac & Pervan therefore I can't tell you anything about this auction house. :rolleyes:
  11. Hi, I spotted lately one medal for long service in security forces. There are many such medals for 10 and 20 years of service in security forces. But this is one medal for 30 year of service made in GOLD. I saw only two times such medal in many years, I believe that it is not very common.
  12. Gentlemen, lately in Zagreb I had a luck to see two type of the Order of Hero of Socialist Labour. The main difference is used metal. One order is made from gold and silver (probably with natural rubies), the other order is made not from precious metal and has synthetic rubies. Both order come from IKOM as you can see perfect production details.
  13. Gentlemen, it seems that we get more clear picture about this badge. This badge was offered at last action at Barac and Parvan on 07.05.2011 as: SPOMENICA OKTOBARSKE REVOLUCIJE, IKOM-Zagreb, jedna od najrjeđih oznaka iz razdoblja 1945-1990, I # 1401 - 1000 € SPOMENICA OKTOBARSKE REVOLUCIJE, IKOM-Zagreb, jedna od najrjeđih oznaka iz razdoblja 1945-1990, I, dodijeljivana samo 1947 godine i nakon događaja od 1948 proskribirana i zabranjena. Sačuvano tek nekoliko primjeraka. RRRR Source: http://www.barper.com/hr/Numizmatika-Militarija-A-XXII/Militarija/Jugoslavija/SPOMENICA-OKTOBARSKE-REVOLUCIJE-IKOM-Zagreb-jedna-od-najrjedih-oznaka-iz-razdoblja-1945-1990-I/23/261/241/20850/ w.
  14. Thank you Luka, this group is not very extraordinary, I think there are some interesting aspects: 1. you can see the variant of the Order of the Republic produced and awarded in 1978, still stones but no hallmarks. 2. you can see that Ramo Mehmedov Shukri had been bestowed two times with the same order. lp waldemar
  15. Unfortunately the images are not detailed enough in order to say something. Generally there are forgeries of this order on market. First forgeries of this order appeared on the market in 1990's. Namely, a certain quantity of the inside parts of the order had been found at IKOM, and someone made the false outside parts by casting. So the 'semi-forgeries' appeared. later also appeared the 'full forgeries', those which had inside and outside parts casted.
  16. Order for National Merits 3 rd class awarded on 24.11.1953
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