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PAIR TO 9th LANCERS AFGHANISTAN WAR - correctly named ?

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Hello to everybody,

I do collect world wide medals and I bought sometime British medals too. Today I've quite nice collection of Imperial medals but I'm not an expert at all so I'm asking your help about a couple of medals I've in my collection from long time.

Pair to a Lieut. of 9th Lancers, Afghanistan War 1878-80 & Kabul to Kandahar star.

Medal is engraved LIEUT. C.J.W. TROWER 9/LANCERS

Star is egraved LIEUT. C.J.W. TROWER 9th LANCERS problem is that the star should be impressed not engraved (as per Purves manual)

Somebody can help me? I assume that the pair is a fake or that the star was added later-on to the medal, but I'm really not an expert in Imperial medals.

Thanks in advance. Marco

ps. I'm not able to post the other images. I will be more than happy to mail to anybody can be interestes, please contact me.

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