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2 British Patches - Opinion

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The left hand badge, 4th Infantry Division, was originally worn as just a red quadrant, but then as shown. It was changed again so that the background was black instead of white.

It was worn so that the quadrant would be at the "front top", so as shown in the photo it would be worn on the right sleeve, it's mirror image would be worn on the left sleeve. The badge is WWII period or thereabouts.

The other badge is 51st Highland Division, a Territorial Force / Army formation. The design was around during WWI, & was worn during & after WWII. After WWII, the 51st (Highland) Div was amalagmated with the 52nd (Lowland) Div to form 51st / 52nd (Scottish) Division, but the new formation reverted to the name of 51st (Highland) Div

The badge in the photo looks fairly modern, but maybe not.

I'm not sure if the badge is still in use.

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