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53rd Welsh Division - Normandy 1944/45

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Depends on which formation they're in & which other units are in that formation, if they're the senior battalion in the brigade then they wear one strip, if 3rd they'd wear 3.

If these 3 battalion of RWF were all in the same brigade, which they were prior to 26/8/44, then 4th Bn would wear 1 strip, 6th Bn 2 strips & 7th Bn 3 strips.

4th Bn were in 158 Bde as the senior battalion (1 strip) until 26/8/44, when they joined 171 Bde as the senior battalion (1 strip).

(5th Bn RWF was converted to 60th Ant-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery in 1940 & wore RA insignia, so they would'nt be wearing the infantry's red strips at that time & they were'nt part of 53rd Div.)

6th Bn were in 158 Bde as the "middle" battalion (2 strips) until 26/8/44, when they joined 160 Bde as the senior battalion (1 strip).

7th Bn were the junior battalion of 158 Bde (3 strips).

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