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Regarding stop watches: I imagine that it's not safe to say that these watches would be only used on U-Boots. Is it know by anyone how to tell, if at all possible, a stop watch that would have been used on a submarine? Occasionally these watches show up on e-bay out of the Ukraine and I'm always curious about them as being actually from a U-Boot.

Thank You Gents, Jesse

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Hi Jesse!

Please stay away from any item from the Ukraine or Eastern European Country. There are very few genuine items that are coming from that part of the World, especially if they are on ebay!!

Do your homework, read lots of books and trawl the internet. These are great ways to build up your knowledge.

I do not think that there was a particualar Stoppuhr that was 'exclusively' used on a U-boot, but certain manufactures would have more likey been used than others. Unless you have a concrete history, it is always hard to confirm a true history of an item.

I have a few watches on my site, please take a look: http://www.atlantik-pirat.com

Happy Hunting! :beer:


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