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  1. Hi Joe Yes, it's a pity the photo isn't clearer. I have nothing concrete either way, but I thought I would post up the photo to generate a little more interest in the thread. Cheers Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  2. A period photo to get you thinking (loading torpedoes at sea).. All the best Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  3. Very valid point Joe. I think that there may be something in what you say. It would have been unusual for the Norwegian Navy to have used the exact torpedoes without any modification. I thought the last picture would get you thinking.... Cheers Max
  4. Hi Guys Just for information. The G7 Acoustic pictured, is displayed at the U-534 (U-boatstory) exhibition. This was one of the very last torpedoes produced in the War and this particular one would have been loaded on to the U-534 in the last days of the WW2. ..but check out this postcard from the U-995 exhibition at Laboe Cheers Max
  5. Love this Flak sight Jesse Definitely my fave... Cheers! Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  6. Fantastic work as always Alex Cheers! Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  7. Fantastic! I have never seen so many Glocke in one place. Some of these look WW1 The U-64 Bell looks just like my U-44 Bell!! Made in the same ship yard, similar boat, similar dates, similar fate. Cheers Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  8. Thanks John There are four different variants of this timer. All have different markings on the reverse. I would say that yours is the earliest model. The Eagle on the reverse is quite elaborate and unusual to see on these Timers. It is widely accepted that the letters 'N/G' on early KM pieces have the meaning "Nordee Group". Given the very low number, it is possible that this timer predates that code. It could simply mean 'Group', but I am still unsure about the relevance of this. The wooden case is beautifully made and again an indication of a very early piece. If you ever wanted to let it go, it would look fabulous in my collection! Cheers Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  9. Hi John This is an early Flak timer used by Artillery Units. I do not think it was used on a U-boat. The red scale is a Telemeter scale. They would have been used on the large ships or perhaps land based units. A similar scale is on the Hanhart single pusher Chrono. These are known as the "U-boat Commanders watch", but in reality these would have also been used by Observers on the 'Big Guns' on large ships. Every instrument in Wartime had a function and this red scale was not there for cosmetics. The telemeter scale was used to determine distance of a target. The chrono/ timer was started on the visible flash of an enemy gun and stopped on hearing the bang. A simple calculation would have given you the distance. This function would have been useless onboard a U-boat. Telemeter scales were used early in the War before they were phased out by the introduction of radar. 'EU' (Entfernungs-Unterschied) the difference in distance. ?hm? (hektometer) = 100 m The measuring unit of the artillery was a hektometer. These are mine Cheers Max
  10. Hi Jesse! Please stay away from any item from the Ukraine or Eastern European Country. There are very few genuine items that are coming from that part of the World, especially if they are on ebay!! Do your homework, read lots of books and trawl the internet. These are great ways to build up your knowledge. I do not think that there was a particualar Stoppuhr that was 'exclusively' used on a U-boot, but certain manufactures would have more likey been used than others. Unless you have a concrete history, it is always hard to confirm a true history of an item. I have a few watches on my site, please take a look: http://www.atlantik-pirat.com Happy Hunting! Max
  11. Hi Floris I will hopefully send you some pics when it arrives from Germany. It does need some work, but it was a bargain! Cheers Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  12. Bargains can still be found.. I just got a K&O for 50?!! Cheers Max www.atlantik-pirat.com
  13. Hi Danny You hit the nail on the head, well spotted! After I posted these up, I decided to do a little Googling. A quick search on this guy's name, brought up a whole load of threads relating to this chap. He is a known Scammer! He does seem to have some good stuff (if it is indeed his own), but he's notorious for taking your hard earned and running! I was a little suspicious when I received the email from Poland and was curious as to whether this stuff was genuine or not.. Cheers! Max www.atlantk-pirat.com
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