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    Op Iraqi Freedom Mission Summary by Infantry Captain


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    I don't want to insult a decorated Veteran by second guessing his choice of reading material so ..I got the message and removed the post. You win Ed ! ;)

    Edited by Mike
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    I shall make no other comments, but his "reading list" is IMMENSELY "troubled". I shall say no more.

    I didn't see a Smilie face after your comment . Ed , you know that I run a Mess Hall ...we feed many on their way over as well as after they come home. Your comment (3 minutes after I posted) made me feel as if I posted his report on some sort of Liberal anti War /anti-Bush Forum. Please tell me how I could have possibly invited him to this Forum when the very FIRST Post ...was from someone IMMENSELY "troubled" ?

    His Unit Summary and Combat action report was not offensive in any way ..he made no Political comment or voiced any opinions regarding the War being just or not.

    Your comment inferred that the Captain was in some way flawed because of his "reading list"

    Your comment also set a negative tone for the whole post by being vague .

    I honestly thought that it would have been a nice perspective to share with the other members ..but , that's fine , I removed the whole post .. If the books on his reading list helped him to understand the Iraqi People and the situation there ..what right do any of us have to question it ? Have you spent a year with an Infantry Unit in Iraq? I know these Men , I knew the whole Company BEFORE 9/11 (and this Captain was one of the FIRST Officers on site when it happened) and Fed them both before they left as well as after they came home ..I am very Proud of their service and am VERY defensive when it comes to ANY British/American/Australian or other Allied Soldiers service in Iraq. I don't rely on CNN for my news and commentary on the War ..I get it from the Men and Women who lived it.

    Edited by Mike
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