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    Klaus Doenitz Obituary: KIA on an S-Boat

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    Interesting piece of history I picked up at our local militaria show. Pictured is the obituary for Grossadmiral D?nitz's son Klaus from the May 22, 1944 edition of the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. Of note is the inclusion of G?nther Hessler's name: Hessler (of U-107 fame) was married to Grossadmiral D?nitz's daughter Ursula.

    I have read a couple of accounts of the circumstances of how Klaus happened to be on S-141. One account states that after Grossadmiral D?nitz's younger son Peter was KIA on board U-954, the older son Klaus was allowed to serve on land in a safer capacity. Klaus was studying to be a naval doctor, but apparently took a "birthday joyride" (it was his 24th birthday) on one of S-141's missions as it attacked Selsey on the English Coast.

    The British Military Powerboat Trust has a slightly different account:

    "A Twist in the Fortunes of War

    On 12 May 1944, S-130 bore witness to one of the War?s many, tragic, little footnotes. S-130 was taking part in a patrol of some 10 S-Boote to the south of the Isle of Wight. The Royal Navy soon discovered them and destroyers were dispatched in pursuit. During the ensuing engagement, The Free French ship La Combattante succeeded in sinking S-141, onboard which was Oberleutnant zur See Klaus D?nitz, the son of Grossadmiral D?nitz, Chief of the German Naval Staff. He was training to qualify for command of an S-Boot and was among the 18 crew from S-141 who died."

    Does anyone know the real story?

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    ich besitze einen Nachlass von einem Besatzungsmitglied,der mit Klaus D?nitz in Swinem?nde 1944 auf einem Schnellboot gefahren ist.

    Hier ein paar Fotos..

    Auf dem letzen Foto ist er in der Mitte zu sehen.

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    Kell: Vielen Dank!

    Ulsterman: Were you referring to the newspaper obituary with your question about 'Klaus was "our commander" on the first page'? My loose translation of the obituary is: "In a sea battle on the English Coast also fell our elder and last son, OLtzS Klaus D?nitz. Holder of the Iron Cross Second Class and two Kriegsmarine war badges. With enthusiastic, unconditional readiness for action and with self-evident faith in the German victory he also gave, as did his brother Peter, his young life for F?hrer and fatherland."

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