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Swords on Ribbons

Gordon Craig

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A brief question on how swords were applied on ribbons during the Imperial period. Most swords that I see that appear to be on period ribbons have been sewn into place. Where the swords cross by the hilts this area is normally cut out and thread goes around the swords cross guard to attach it to the ribbon. I have also seen swords that appear to be attached to the ribbon by pins because I can see no evidence of them being sewn on. Were swords with pins ever used during Imperial times or should they always be sewn on?



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swords have been instituted in 1916, to indicate merit in the presence of the enemy, as an addition to the old "Kriegsdekoration": this device appears to be sewn on ribbons, or fixed by means of metal wires soldered on the back.

Swords are made of gilt brass, but there's evidence of them made also of Kriegsmetall (zinc alloy) or, rarely, of gilt silver or even gold.

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