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    need help with army dagger

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    QUOTE (cabbell2207 @ Dec 17 2008, 03:35 ) Another view

    Cabbell, Hard to say on this Heer dagger, parts appear to be all original pre 45' but... all type 2 generic parts with a mid period Alcoso mark on the blade... Alcoso made there own fittings and scabbard all through the war,but many makers that did were known to use generics from time to time possibly when there own supplies grew short? Usually late war pieces are more commonly found with this annomoly. Hard to say,could very well be original but doesnt bode well when trying to sell to savvy collectors! Kevin.

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    I agree with heers68 on this one. I've owned these years ago (late 1960s) when they were much more common on the market. This one "looks" good but I would have to think hard and long before spending the cash to purchase one today in such good condition. Funny thing is that if it were in poor shape there is still no guarantee of authenticity. I hope other members with more current knowledge of reproductions and originals will respond.

    Nice dagger all the same, thanks for sharing it with us.



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