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Modern Irish Defence Force Awards

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The above ribbon looks enamel. Here's his portrait.

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At the last Lowell Show i went to- (December?) I picked this up (@1960?):

Great pictures. :jumping:

His Command Flash, upright arm and sword on a dark blue background denotes he was part of the Irish Western Command,

which covered the areas of:-

County Offaly, County Westmeath,

County Roscommon, County Galway,

County Mayo, County Sligo,

County Leitreim, County Donegal,

Part of County Cavan.

The Western Command HQ was in Custume Barracks, Athlone,

it and the following locations would have had a priest on location:-

1st Battalion, Renmore Barracks, County Galway.

28th Infantry Battalion, Finner Camp, County Donegal.

4th Cavalry Sqdn, Connolly Barracks, County Longford.

4th Field Artillery Regiment, Columb Barracks, County Westmeath.

An enamelled military medal ribbon from this period (1960) would in my opinion be an oddity, unless its a cloth ribbon with a plastic cover, or a ribbon denoting a Holy medal for a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, or the Vatican, Italy :unsure:

The chap in the middle ( a private) is wearing a white jacket with blue eppulettes and blue collar, which denotes a waiter or barman in the Officer's Mess, or N.C.O.'s Mess, the buttons would have been brass, with the Irish Harp and the letters I.V. for "Irish Volunteer," same model as for the tunic.

The other chap, not being able to see his upper arm or eppulettes could be any N.C.O. rank - junior officer.He has the standard collar-badge for an Infantryman, which consisted of a round target and crossed rifles with the Gaelic legend "Cosithe" meaning "Foot-soldier" in brass.

Kevin in Deva.

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With regards the Studio shot, which shows a fine example of the Officers Cap and large

Bronze capbadge, with the following components in its design:-

A sunburst - traditional battle symbol of na fianna

8 pointed star - Star of St. Patrick,

oglaig na heireann - Volunteers of Ireland,

belt & buckle - symbol of eternity,

The letters F.F. in the centre - (fianna faíl) soldiers of destiny.

As far as I can recall the backing colour behind the cap badge

for members of the clergy was black, as were the eppulettes,

and the backing of the embroided collar devices.

As far as I recall and I stand open to correction the buttons

at this time would have been the standard model Brass ones,

with the Irish Harp and the letters "I.V." for Irish Volunteer.

Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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The Chaplain's in the Irish Defence Forces do not carry a rank they are referred to as Chaplain to the Forces (CF) and are dressed in Officer's uniform but Clack cloth behind Cap & Collar badges. The Collar Badges are Sterling Silver and very rare. On the DPM Uniform they wear Rank Marking with Celtic Cross on it.The Head Chaplain is HCF and is equivalent to Colonel in rank. The Naval Service and the Air Corp have one Chaplain each. The buttons on the chaplains no 1 uniform are black in colour.

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Father Alan Ward attached to the 28th Infantry Bn, Finner Camp, Co. Donegal

greeting the then Battalion Sergeant-Major "Daddy Joe" Cousins.

Points to note:-

Farther Ward* sports the 28th Bn Orange and Black Unit flash on the right shoulder of his uniform.

He has the Western Command Flash on the other shoulder.

His ribbon bar on the left breast is for service with U.N.I.F.I.L. in South Lebanon.

Picture circa early 1980's.

* As far as I am aware Father Ward is still serving with the 28th Bn to this date.

Kevin in Deva. :cheers: :cheers:

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