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    The "F R" mark on Austrian orders

    Elmar Lang

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    in another thread, started a discussion about the meaning of some marks, struck on austro-hungarian orders. Specifically the "FR", either in a rectangle or a lozenge.

    An old manual of marks, stated that "FR" meant tax-paid and this allowed most of us to ask what would have been the mark of Rothe, etc.

    in 2008, at the museum of Deutschlandsberg (near Graz, Austria), it took place an important exhibition, celebrating the 200 years from the institution of the Imperial Austrian Order of Leopold. The lavishly illustrated catalogue (with pieces any beginning or advanced collector would dream to possess) is accompanied with excellent historical and technical texts written by the best Austrian experts in phaleristic.

    The introductory notes to the catalogue, have been written by Dr. Rochowanski of Vienna, whose deep knowledge about the imperial austrian marking system is well known to collectors.

    He states (I translate from German): "...from mid-19th Century, we mostly find the marks of the well-known firm of Rothe at Kohlmarkt, Vienna, whose official mark changed in the course of time: "F R" in a rectangle, until ca. 1885, then "F R" in a lozenge, and "C F R" during the 1st and 2nd Republic. The needle of the breast stars was in all periods marked "C. F. ROTHE WIEN". ...".

    I hope that these notes would help us solve "the mystery of the mark".

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks for this thread. I hope this settles the controversy but we will see from aubsequent posts what other think. This is a much more logical approach then saying that FR is always a tax-paid marking. Very interesting to note that their marking remained the same for the First and Second Republics.



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