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    Lt Karl Bachmann Reserve Ersatz Rgt 4

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    Here is a new doc to my collection, I dont know if I am the only one collecting theese but I think they are great :lol:

    "Auszug aus der Kriegs-Rangliste" Theese small docs carry lots of interesting info about the man, in this case Lt d.L.I Karl Bachmann

    But what could be so interesting with a Lt born in Erfurt in 1881 ? He survived the war since this paper was written out in 1919... :rolleyes:

    Hmm what did he do during the war ?

    Come on lets take a look


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    Hmm this is the third page of the doc where his combat experiences is listed

    He was really in the heat !

    He Fought at Ypres 1915 , Somme 1916 , Chemin des Dames 1917, Verdun 1917 and so on until the fight for the siegfriedline in 1918.

    Puh , he survived :speechless1: But under the battle list is a even more interesting list, what he was trained in ....

    look at a close up


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    Aha ! In 1917 he was at M.G Schule Rumigny and was trained to use a " Inf ZeilfernrohrGewehre" yep a sniper rifle !!

    A sniper from 1917 :cheers: Does anyone have a pic of the rifles they used ?

    It so much fun to go through theese old documents , you never now what to find ...

    He also got Both EK II and EK I

    Greetings from rainy Sweden


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    Guest Rick Research

    That must have been his personal copy. From what I have seen, one exactly like this was kept for every officer in each Kingdom's military Archive--

    there is no more complete Imperial service record

    and if requested, the officer got one himself.

    His promotion from Vizefeldwebel to Feldwebel is quite peculiar. He must also have left the service soon after 1907 since he only got a DA3 (IX) and was not on continuous active duty--

    he'd have been a Leutnant aD with an XXV.

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