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    No idea why the date difference. Nothing is mentioned in Kraus about this being changed during the war. Perhaps the size with give a clue as to what its use was.


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    Sorry I should have included a size originally. At 5 cm x 5 cm it is exactly the same size as the other Landsturm large crosses. Sewing the crosses to the hat was one of the primary methods of attachment.


    These crosses from W?rttemberg and Saxony have the same holes.


    They are also the same size as the old-style shako cross but these were attached with loops and had no holes.

    The issue is the date. All of the other ones I have seen use the date 1813. Why 1914?




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    The oilcloth cap was changed from black to gray in November of 1914. There was even an homeland version made from felt made in early 1915. According to regulation, the cap began to be replaced by Pickelhauben in the Spring of 1915 for the mobile Landsturm, with the immobile Landsturm battalions in the homeland remaining the only ones to continue their use. Finally, in June of 1918, due to the lack of this waxed canvas, it was ordered that all the remaining caps were to be withdrawn and the immobile Landsturm supplied with Pickelhauben. Within weeks of the Prussian Erla?, the Saxons and the Bavarians followed suit.


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