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Indian Motorcycle 741B


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Hello Gents,

I have been digging thru all my bits and pieces and came up with some pics from when i spent ten years doing up an old 1941 American made 741B Army Indian motorcycle.

The pics run in order of progress...not to many pics to bore you with tho...he hee

Started in 1991 with a box of bits...say 40% of the bike!

had a few spares i was able to trade off for the bits i needed, so that was good.

had other bikes to ride when doing it up ....so it was not neccessary to hurry with it...

Had it on the road, ( read rideable thats all)to suss out a few things with it...before i took it apart and made the improvements and added more original bits...( replaced the honda twin leader front brake wheel!)

and chromed more bits and so on....

Hope you guys enjoy the pics

Sorry but i did not do it up as a Military bike again...i went for the Black and Chrome look....

i'll leave it for you to agree or not... :cheers:



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Here it is with my Triumph Bonneville 750

Man! that was a good bike!

People who worked at the pertrol stations, used to come out and giove me sh#$ because it was not doing the usual triumph thing...leaking oil all over the place... :D

this one was put to gether properly and it did not leak a drop! true! i kid you not!

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No 5

More Improvements

This is when i could actually ride it!

and it certainly made you think when u rode it!

with a foot clutch a left hand throttle and a right hand gear change!

try taking one hand of the bars on one of these things and yank on the gear lever

to change gear!

LOTS of FUN! :o

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Hi Paul,

Great job! I'm a motorcycle guy (51 years old, but with a 18 years old heart for motorcycles). Now I only have a Kawasaki Vulcan 750, but in the past I had some great bikes. BMW, Triumph Tiger, Matchles, Indian, HD...but your Indian is amazing (and the Triumph too).

You're a lucky man!

I drink for it (orange juice, only).

IPB ImageOtto

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