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  1. Hi Guys, In a few days more news about Carl Holler. Otto To my forum's friends & families MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A SUPER 2007!
  2. Hi Guys, I received from a Brazilian friend a little film of one of the trips of Graf Zepellin to Rio. If some of you wants the film, I can send via email. Just send me a PM with the email. Regards, Otto
  3. Hi Rick, I don't know. He was the uncle of the wife of a close friend of me. The father of Fritz Reimann was Alfred Otto Reimann, Kaiserlich Marine (U-boot) in WWI. Otto
  4. Hi Guys, Can you help with informations, decorations etc, about this German pilot? "Fritz Reimann" Thank you all, Otto
  5. Hi Rick, Hi All, Can someone help me with records and informations about this young man (he was the grand-father of the wife of a close friend of me). Alfred Otto Reimann (I received the photos as gift )
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