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    Unique bar to NGS plus MGS

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    I am currently doing some research on Captain Andrew H. Bulger of the Royal Newfoundland fencible Infantry. He joined that regiment in 1804 - not yet 15 years old and served until 1816 when it was disbanded. During his service he earned the Military General Service medal with bars for "Fort Detroit" (16 AUG 1812) and "Chrystler's Farm" (11 NOV 1813) for his services with the regiment at detroit and as a staff officer at Chrysler's Farm. Finally, Bulger was the sole recipient of the bar "3rd and 6th September, 1813" to the Naval General service Medal for his part in the capture of the American Schonners Tigress and Scorpion.

    A number of small boats under the overall command of Liet. Miller Worseley, RN boarded the ships on Lake Huron and took them as prizes. Worseley's own ship, the schooner Nancy had been destroyed by the American ships and a larger consort some days before but the crew had escaped in canoes and small boats. When the sailors reached Michillimackinac, garrisoned by men of the Newfoundland Reg't. they were told that the American schooners were still cruising the area but anchored every night. Miller and Bulger took 50 volunteers (and some Natives, who actually played no part) out to hunt them, boarded one under fire and used it to sail down on the second and take her. Each action lasted less than 10 minutes and the total casualties were 6 Americans and 1 Briton killed, with several wounded on each side.

    My question is, how common would it have been to earn both MGS & NGS? I should think that some Royal Marines may have done so and perhaps others in similar positions. The Newfoundlanders had actually been serving as marines on board Provincial Marine ships during the War of 1812 so in theory a number could have earned both medals but my naval history is too poor for me to judge how common this might have been or how likely that it is to be able to find out. Any thoughts on this would be gratefully received.

    Peter Monahan

    (also posting this on the British Empire forum)

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