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    Good morning Moderator

    Yes of course it's General Marcel SERRET dead on 06.01.1916 one of the 41 french general KIA

    Here a new pic showing this general ont his death-bed in the village of MOOSCH - Alsace country -

    Have a good day



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    Hello again,

    The 152eme was an Alsatian Regiment that ended the war as one of the most decorated units in the French Army. Nicknamed "Regiment du Diable" of "Les diables Rouges" (The devil's regiment or the red devils) the 152eme was practically annihilated on the hartmannsweilerkopf in December 1915 loosing approx 2000 men.

    Sorry this regiment was based in Gerardmer - Vosges - France, It's the "Lorraine"

    It's just for the fun....



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    Hi Chris,


    it's in french

    En garnison dans les Vosges, ? Epinal, de 1887 ? 1905 (avec un bataillon ? Bruy?res en quartier d?hiver), tout le r?giment passe l??t? en camp ? G?rardmer, pour entamer un dur entra?nement en moyenne montagne. De cette ?poque date le surnom de : ? Premier Grenadier des Vosges ?.

    A partir de 1905, le 152e s?installe ? plein temps au Quartier Kl?ber, flambant neuf, de G?rardmer, ? quelques kilom?tres de cette ligne bleue des Vosges que tous r?vent de franchir afin de lib?rer l?Alsace. De nombreuses cartes postales de l'?poque illustrent les multiples manoeuvres et manifestations patriotiques auxqu'elles s'adonne le r?giment dont le recrutement est au demeurant local.

    If you get a problem for the translation............

    G?rardmer is far from 40 kilometers from Colmar in the other side of the front line. Don't forget the Alsace was German since 1870 after Francfort treaty



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