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    A little but interesting EK1 group

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    Died on 18th August 1943 as Wachtmeister with Artillerie-Regiment 9 / 9.Infanterie-Division.


    1st April 1940: Obergefreiter (from 26th March 1940);

    1st April 1940: Unteroffizier;

    1943: Wachtmeister.


    6th April 1934 ? 30th September 1934: 8.(M.G.) / Infanterie-Regiment 13;

    1st October 1934 ? 12th November 1935: 12. / Infanterie-Regiment Heilbronn;

    26th August 1939 ? 20th September 1940: 4.(M.G.) / Infanterie-Regiment 470;

    24th September 1940 ? 22nd September 1941: 12. / Infanterie-Regiment 470;

    23rd September 1941- 31st December 1941: 1. / Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 470;

    1st January 1942 ? 24th April 1942: 4.(M.G.) / Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 470;

    26th April 1942 ? 18th August 1943: 8. / Artillerie-Regiment 9.

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    Wehrpass and Award Documents to Wachtmeister Hans Engelhardt. Killed in action on the 18th of August 1943 on the southern sector of the Eastern Front whilst serving with 9. Artillerie-Regiment/9. Infanterie-Division.

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    Nice little group....

    Funny, you seldom see people today with the same mustache that general has.....


    Another general without mustache who sign Inf in silber


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