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    • 2 years later...

    Dear Sir,

    I read Dieter Voight's short military data. If he ready did shoot down 103 enemy planes in air to air combat,he should have gotten the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. His German Cross in Gold was awarded to him in 1944. Maybe Voight was unofficially awarded his Knight's Cross in May of 1945. Just a thought.


    Edward L. Hsiao

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    • 4 months later...

    He was not awarded the KC, it is not known if he was recommended. The data on his score are from an extract of the Hauptflugbuch 6.Staffel des II.Schlachtgeschwader 1 later becoming 6. / Schalchtgeschwader 2

    He had 98 as score when awarded the DKiG. His additional scores were all between February 13th and March 27th, 1945. No scores after June 27th, 1944 and before February 13th, 1945. The unit was supposed to have been disbanded in October 1943, but the units records were recorded for dates after that. His awarding documents show no unit after October 27th. The unit became 6. / Schlachtgeschwader 2 as from October 1943

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