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    I got this photo today. It?s a sad one. But I don?t know the designation at the cross on the right.

    I see R.I.R.81 and M.G.K.24

    Well, Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 81. That?s clear. M.G.K.: Maschinengewehrkompanie. Clear.

    But the 24?

    No regiment had 24 MG companies... and as far as I know, the RIR 81 didn?t have any MG- company.

    Any ideas, please?

    By the way: The F18 upon the upper arm means "Fernsprech-Abteilung XVIII.Armee-Korps" (In this case XVIII reserve Korps - so the writer signed on the back of this card.)

    Thanx a lot in advance!

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    Guest Rick Research

    There were "independent" machine gun companies that were assigned (and usually swallowed up by) normal units, in the course of expanding the machine gun troops. I can't explain the numbering, but dim memory sugests these early independent units simply got assigned randomly to other units and then disappeared.

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    Hi Rick!

    Thanx for your response!

    I?ve heard something about those units, but in the Busche (Geschichte der dt. Infanterie), I can?t find a 24. There were several independent units listed, but not the 24. Maybe the list ain?t complete.

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