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    I'm SUCH A Fan: The PLM Duke & The Tobacco Diplomat

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    Guest Rick Research

    Reigning Duke of Saxe-Altenburg, General der Infanterie and Pour le Merite recipient Ernst II (1871-1955):

    Huge original wartime autographed photo of a reigning monarch. Note that although he was a full General, he is not wearing Generals' collar tabs.

    Just an anonymous, undated photo...

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    Guest Rick Research

    ... not.

    Cover letter from the Duke's Hofmarschall, Major aD Wolf "von Breitenbuch" (1869-19??) retruning this photo with requested royal autograph, 4 May 1918:

    So-- who and what was "Konsul" Katz?

    Well, from the Berlin city directory entry following, he was probably from a Christian Baden family--

    The "South German Tobacco Newsppaper" points in that direction.

    But Consul for who? He is not listed in Prussian, Reichs, or Baden Court and State Handbooks. I couldn't find him in the Almanach de Gotha 1917 Court and State, suggesting that he was an honoray consul of one of the (south? :rolleyes: ) German states in Berlin, rather than for a foreign country.

    That's all I've been able to find this morning.

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