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    Sovereign ring?

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    Not sure if this is relevant to this topic, but its sovereign related :rolleyes:

    Basically I was recently out bid at the last moment, on Ebay. I was bidding, on what I thought was a nice half sovereign ring. I`d never seen one like this which is why it caught my eye anyway, I`m curious to know has anyone else seen one like this, and can they tell me where I might find another like it? :cheers:

    Hope this isn`t too `chavy` :unsure:

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    I think you would need to have a jeweller test for gold. As a price guide a sovereign is worth in the region of ?90 ($180) but, old half sovs. can be worth as much, since not so many were made. There has been a racket - for years - where imitations are cast and then gold plated - India and Turkey are often the culprits. This ring setting looks a bit 'flash' and I would be very suspicious. During the 50/60's there was a fashion for sovs. to be in 9ct. settings of large size, but these days people don't seem to wear such big items.

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