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    SAS / Parachute Regiment

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    Does anyone know if the clothing, caps and berets were stamped ? I have access to some purportedly original clothing from someone who served in the Falklands and the clothing is blue stamped " Special Air Services Commando " or " Army Paras " etc. in a circle. Even a book on SAS guidelines is stamped similarly but with " Falklands " within the circle. Clothing has captain's epaulettes and the ribbed " security " jumper has SAS motto patches above a patch with a winged parachute

    The beret is Kangol, the green khaki shirt and trousers appear to be German made.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Never saw anything like that worn by a Para nor by any of the SAS men I encountered. I did meet one SAS man on his jump course at Brize Norton one time who was wearing a Kangol beret but he was Signals-badged. The others wore private-purchase Victor-style berets similar in all but colour to the berets worn by 99.9% of Paras. Never saw any kit with special stamps or labels.


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