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  1. Indeed. Someone obviously placed the medal in this box at some point. This must be the website to which you refer: http://www.stehelene...?page=1&lang=en It is very good. French militaria is certainly going up in price but remains cheap by comparison with Nazi memorabilia. But give the vultures and speculators enough time and it will also be unaffordable for 80% of those would are interested in it for good reasons.
  2. True. Like you, I got out of the Third Reich field but not so much because of the cost of the stuff. I had one of the two largest collections of SS-Fallschirmjäger material in the world, as well as other exotica, if you recall. It was more out of an increasing belief that the majority of people involved in it were objectionable as well as terminally and willfully ignorant. In the old days, one could avoid these knuckledraggers when one saw them lurching along at shows but the Internet has given them all a voice and the means to impose themselves on serious collectors and students, ruining
  3. Anyone remember these? I am just a bit too young to have seen one in police use but I do remember Mk2 Jags and Wolesleys.
  4. Interesting thread. The initial question is easily resolved by recalling that the Circle-K hallmark on the reverse of the Type 2 Brillanten or ELSuB made by Otto Klein was always accompanied by a hallmark consisting of the Hanau town symbol. Otto Klein (1885 - 1969) was a master goldsmith and jeweller whose work was on a level with other masters at Tiffany's, Mappin & Webb and similar firms of the era. His firm reflected his skills and talents, which is why the discerning Hermann Göring was a customer and why he pushed to have Klein replace Godet as the authorised supplier of this g
  5. Classic counter-propaganda tactics. Gladio... Paul certainly has some relics of a darker side of post-colonial European history there.
  6. What an extraordinary piece of postwar history! After Franco's death in 1975, Guillou is believed to have gone to South America, which would have been a logical move for him. As you rightly surmise, Guillou wouldn't have been entitled to the medal for the Algerian "police action" as he deserted from his unit when the OAS putsch failed in 1962. Here is some interesting background material: http://libcom.org/library/strategy-tension The Greek connection is particularly interesting given current events. His main rôle in Indochina, by the way, was as a liaison officer working with the CIA, which
  7. Thank you very much for this information. I remember seeing several of these badges in Paris shops a few years ago so they must have come from the lot you describe. One of the more famous members of the order was François Mitterand but I do not imagine that he had his certificate framed and hung in his office after the war...
  8. Very good! I bet you expected this but how about a French language forum for the same reasons? We have French members whose command of English is very good but I know of quite a few collectors and students of military history just in the Paris region alone, who could probably bring a lot to GMIC but who fall into the same category as the German-speakers to whom you refer. PK
  9. Keep this coming! Did you know that over 80% of the readership of magazines about miniature modeling comprises people who will never do it themselves but are transfixed by the models and the methods of those who make them?
  10. However, I am a lesbian. I've been more attracted to women all my life, even if I am trapped in this body.
  11. A pleasure! Mind you, she must have been a big girl! 46" chest? That's my chest size.
  12. The pullover looks like a pre-1980 design without the shoulder straps. Unusual to see the wings sewn on with untrimmed backing, although some fellows did it. The stripes look on the low side. The label isn't regulation. At a push, it could be for Cadet Force-issue but the label has a civilian look to it. I'd say this was probably purchased from an shop like Debora or Silverman's in the 1970s and the badges added subsequently. I don't see why a serving soldier, especially a Senior NCO, would buy a woolly-pully when indenting for lost kit would cost him less than their retail prices. We bought b
  13. Actually, the Ordre des Arts et Lettres is widely seen as more prestigious than the Légion d'Honneur, which has been devalued in recent years not so much by the nominations of pop stars, vaudevillians and other entertainers as by the sad fact that any bent businessman or businesswoman in France can gain entrance to the order by putting themselves up for it and getting to members to second them. In Sarkozy's France, where la valise is the order of the day, making a donation to presidential campaign funds and filling out the forms will usually get you the LdH. However, the A&L really has to
  14. Look at the unevenness of the lining next to the edges of the case itself.
  15. Magnifique! What an amazing photograph. Keep it coming.
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