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    Korvettenkapit?n Nikolas Burggraf u. Graf zu Dohna Schlodien

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm searching for some date of awards of this officer.

    Here is what I have :

    Born : 5 April 1879, Died : 21 August 1956.

    03.05.1897: Seekadett

    30.09.1899: Leutnant zur See

    15.03.1902: Oberleutnant zur See

    09.02.1907: Kapit?ntleutnant

    07.02.1914: Korvettenkapit?n

    04.02.1920: char. Fregattenk?pitan

    27.08.1939: char. Kapit?n zur See

    Awards :

    PlM, 7.03.1916.

    EK2, 25.02.1916.


    BMJ3 (Bayerisches Milit?r Max Joseph Ritterkreuz), 17.03.1916.

    SH3 (S?chsischer Milit?r St Heinrichs Orden Ritterkreuz), 6.03.1916.

    BV3 (Badisches Militarischer Karl Friedrich Verdienstorden Ritterkreuz), 10.03.1916.

    WMV3 (W?rttembergischer Milit?r Verdienstorden Ritterkreuz), 6.03.1916

    SF3aX (Sachsen Weimarischer Weissen Falken Orden Ritterkreuz), 1916

    BH (Bremenisches Hanseatenkreuz), 1916.

    HH (Hamburgisches Hanseatenkreuz), 1916.

    L?H (L?becckisches Hanseatenkreuz), 13.04.1916.

    HT (Hessische Tapferkeitsmedaille),

    LE (Lippisches Kriegsehrenkreuz f?r Heldenm?tige Tat), 1916

    ?L (?sterreichischer Leopold Orden), 1917.

    TH (T?rkischer Eiserner Halbmond), 1918.

    In the Marine RL 1918, the X on the SF3a is missing, and there is nothing about the Austrian medals. I have only one photo of Dohna Schlodien with the Leopold Orden. But he probably received another Austrian medals. If someone has something, thanks for your help.


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    Dohna Schlodien wore the 1870 modele from Karl Friedrich Verdienstorden knight cross. The second modele will appear only at the end of the 1916.

    Here is a new close up of the Lippe cross for heroic deed. It seems to be rare for a Marine officer.

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    The following photo come from an article of Orden Militaria Magazine Nr. 72, June 1996.

    In this photo we can clearly see the Leopold Orden from Austria.

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    Guest Rick Research

    He was only wearing his "top stuff" in the reduced awards portrait. Fashion statement stuff-- feigning modesty.

    WM3 06.03.16

    L?H 19.04.16

    Nobody liked him, but have never seen any surviving specific reasons.

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