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    Guest Rick Research

    #2 is an Assistenzarzt

    #6 is a Proviantamt Beamter, I think from the piping on his tunic

    #12 has burst his right shoulder board down the center-- look where the button is-- halfway down his board!

    #13 I have never seen a Saxon with Xs on a buttonhole ribbon like this! :cheers:

    #14-15 Is Major Erich KARWIESE (1870-19??), commander of Inf Rgt 77 only between 24.05.17 and 30.01.18. Dedicated to Regimental Paymaster Steinecke-- who may be among all the various Beamten in your groups of photos 8 through 13 this time

    #16-17 is so freakish you should post that individually in the Imperial uniforms section. He is wearing an enlisted man's felt Pickelhaube, even though he is a Hauptmann! :speechless1::speechless1: That is some of the worst handwriting on back I have ever seen--

    "Seinen braven Gfr-(gottgnadeten??) Martini=Dichter (Joh?) zur Erinerung an den 2.8.1915 Seinen Bataillons Komandeur Major von Horn" So-- one of MANY von Horns, only clue is he was a hauptmann in 1914 and promoted Major by 02.08.15.

    #18-19 has made such a FREAKISH toothpaste tube corporate logo :speechless::banger: out of his "autograph" I can match NOTHING up to it from before the war. I've looked as far back as 1905 trying to find a dR/dL foot artillery officer "KxtXX" with no luck. He should show up on the Schwerin award rolls-- probably being matched by UNIT and NOT that absurd "signature."

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