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    Guest Rick Research

    #2-3 appears to be OF Major Maritzy as former commander of Minenwerfer Bn I, but the signed "in the 3rd person" by Hauptmann Fritz Menge as current commander. Menge had PARTICULARLY peculiar awards-- so I wish it had been of him. Disappears in the Reichsheer.

    #4 note that the Priest in the cneter has an Iron Cross on his cassock while the Protestant Minister on the right has nothing.

    #6 Richard sends photo of "our Major" who is not identified. Notice the EK1 is drawn in.

    #12-13 shows a General officer shoveling dirt into that grave!!! From his Red Eagle 2X he had to have been at least a divisional commander if not higher. That looks like the cover for an artillery Pickelhaube too-- rounded and not pointed top.

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    Guest IMHF


    What is the kid holding a giant Icecream cone????????NUTTY BUDDY???????


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    Guest Rick Research

    Awwww, don't TELL me I am the only one OLD enough to remember Christmas presents coming in cones like that? (I suppose maybe tit could be for a birthday, too.)

    Nowadays the only "all-in-one" packaging I see like that are giant "Grandparents" Easter baskets for their (obviously :rolleyes::cheeky: ) first grandchildren.

    Me? I got my photo taken in a store sitting on the lap of a girl (ir was always a girl-- you could :blush: tell) in a Bugs Bunny suit. :speechless1:

    Oh, the Old Customs are all faaaaading away....

    (My Indian Name is "Older Than Plastic Toys")

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