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    Hi Chaps

    I picked this up at the weekend along with a number of wwii German items - infantry assault in bronze, SA Sports badge in bronze, and also an officers carbinieri badge - but i have no idea what it is.

    It looks like some kind of firemans badge, but possibly post war? This isnt my field and i am a little stuck. :rolleyes:

    Also any ideas as to its value?

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    Can you crop out all the white area in your pictures ?

    this will possibly allow you to post a bigger picture of the item

    and give a better chance for identification, also a picture of the rear of the item would help as well.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

    Hi Kev

    Does this help? I hope so.

    I'm not very pc literate and i don't know how to crop out the white areas - I have to paste them into paint to reduce them in size/file size so i can post them.

    Any tips?



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    I know this a little 'off' topic - but, did the Germans wear this pattern of helmet ? Very similar to the Merryweather pattern of UK ?

    Good point-it does look more British 19th century doesn't it?

    The lug backs also would make me think British-type badge. Hmmmmmmmm.

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    Well, I have just spent 15 minutes squinting at 1940s photos of British firefighters from the Blitz and the cap badge seems to look very similar to this. It's hard to say as the photos are distant.

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    I have a badge roughly similar, but in yellow metal, gided I think, & with the helmet above the crossed axes.

    The comb of the helmet isn't as exagerated as the one in these photo.

    MIne is on a Wurtemburg firemans visor.

    I always associate WWII era British firemaen with the star shaped "NFS" badge of the national Fire Service, did sepearte "brigade" badges continue in wear during WWII, or did all wear the NFS badge?

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