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    Guards Private, 1st Class, Driver, Pavel Mironenko

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    Award Card

    Order Booklet B 763693

    1. Last name: Mironenko

    2. Name and patrionymic: Pavel Ivanovich

    3. Rank: Guards Corporal

    4. Gender: Male

    5. Birthyear: 1919

    6. Birthplace: Voldisk, Olkhovatskii Region, Kharkov Oblast

    7. Party membership: since 1944

    8. Education: elementary

    9. Nationality: Ukrainian

    10. Time in Red Army: May 1941-June 1946

    11. Place of service at awarding: 63 Independent Communications Battalion, 34 Guards Rifle Corps - driver

    12. Place of work at present: Shebekinskii, ?Zagotskot?; Kursk Oblast ? Senior Guide

    13. Home address: Kursk Oblast, Shebekinskii Region, village of Novo-Pavolzhanka ?Zagotskob?

    14. Awards:

    Designation Serial Number Awarding Organization

    CSM 877.588 118 Rifle Division dated 12.2.44

    Red Star 2.141.467 34 Guards Rifle Corps dated 31.5.45

    Victory over Germany Medal Edict dated 9.5.45

    Verified by Shebekinskii Regional Military Commissariat Major Yarovenko on 25 February 1947

    Award Sheet

    1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Mironenko, Pavel Ivanovich

    2. Rank: Private

    3. Duty position: Driver ? 191 Transportation Company, 118 Melitopol Rifle Division

    Recommendation for the Combat Service Medal

    4. Born: 1919

    5. Nationality: Ukrainian

    6. Party membership: candidate member

    7. Previous combat: since 1942 on the Southern Front

    8. Wounds or shell-shock: none

    9. Time in Red Army: since 1941

    10. Inducted by: Shebakinskii Regional Military Commissariat

    11. Previous awards: n/a

    12. Home of record: Kursk Oblast, Shebakinskii Region, village of N. Tovolzhanka. Mother ? O.T. Mironenko

    Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

    Private Mironenko has drive his ZIS-5 during the entire period of combat from Khalocuta until M. Kurgan, Melitopol, continuously delivering things in the unit and being located in the front lines. He has personally conducted many minor repairs and overcome many obstacles, taking into account the needs for ammunition and lack of transportation.

    Comrade Mironenko has overfulfilled his ammunition delivery quota by 350-380%, moreover in terrible weather which he overcomes with his resourcefulness. Without reducing the tempo of his work, on 8.1.44 he was given the mission to he was ordered to make one sortie to fix his vehicle. While en route Mironenko fixed the problem and managed yet another two deliveries of ammunition. In the months of October-November he was able to conserve 55kg of fuel and his vehicle was always technically maintained and ready for the accomplishment of the combat mission. For his good work and excellent driving I am recommending him for the Combat Service Medal.

    Signed Commander, 191 Transportation Combat, Senior Technical Lieutenant Danchuk in January 1944

    Endorsed by a Guards colonel in January 1944

    Awarded the Combat Service Medal by order of the 118 Melitopol Rifle Division dated 12 February 1944

    Award Sheet

    1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Mironenko, Pavel Ivanovich

    2. Rank: Guards Corporal

    3. Duty position: Driver ? Parking Platoon, 63 Guards Independent Communications Battalion

    Recommendation for the Order of the Patriotic War II Class

    4. Born: 1919

    5. Nationality: Ukrainian

    6. Party membership: since 1944

    7. Previous combat: since 22.6.41 on the SW, 4,3, and 1 Ukrainian Fronts

    8. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a

    9. Earlier awarding: CSM by Order 2/N of the 118 RD dated 12.2.44

    10. Time in Red Army: since 15 May 1941

    11. Inducted by: Shenekinskii Regional Military Commissariat, Kursk Oblast

    12. Home of record: Kharkov Oblast, Oyakhovskii Region, Valuep village. Mother ? Olga Trofimovna Mirnenko

    Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

    During our forces? offensive Guards Corporal Mironenko has delivered petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) in a timely manner to their indicated locales in roadless conditions and inclement weather. The communications battalion was always supplied with POL, thus enabling it to supply continuous communications to the Corps command group.

    During the Neise forced river crossing operation, Comrade Mironenko managed to deliver fuel to the units on time and under massive enemy fire, thus permitting the vehicle transportation to move and radio operating stations to work on the move, providing communications to the HQ of the Corps command and subordinate units.

    Near the river Spree Comrade Mironenko extracted his vehicle under heavy enemy bombing and thus preserved a delivery of POL to the communications battalion and the Corps HQ.

    His selfless work enabled the continuous combat mission of the communications battalion, which suffered no lack of fuel.

    For bravery and courage he is deserving of the Order of the Patriotic War II Class.

    Signed Commander, 63 Guards Independent Communications Battalion, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandrov on 19 May 1945

    Recommended downgrade to Bravery Medal, then hand-written suggestion of Order of the Red Star by Chief of Staff, 34 Guards Rifle Corps, Guards Colonel Mitelman on 29 May 1945

    Same by Acting Commander, 34 Guards Rifle Corps, Guards Colonel Losis(?) on 31 May 1945

    Awarded the Order of the Red Star by Order (obliterated) of the 34 Guards Rifle Corps dated 31.5.45, verified by Deputy Chief of Personnel, 34 Guards Rifle Corps, Guards Administrative Services Lieutenant Doyugada

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    Guest Rick Research

    His civilian job and title are a bit weird to me, not surprising given the usual Sovabbrev style. More along the lines of a senior drover (that is not a typo for driver) with something to do with cattle pens or perhaps meat storage. The place of business in quotes as its name comes out basically as "Storagecattle" or "Preparationcattle." Not a slaughter house-- at least by any word I know.

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