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    .........can you read what on the cap tallys of the two naby men is written???

    Sadly i cannot read it, i will try later to make a better scan. But my photoshop skills are near zero.

    I can only make out that its a long name. Maybe Seebataillon.

    Best Regards V.

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    2 more scans but not very usefull i think (bad scanner (no epson wink.gif ) and as said before no photoshopskills

    But can anybody recognize the uniform of the left guy?

    Edited by Vetinari
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    I'm going waaaay out on a limb here. A complete shot in the dark.

    Naval uniforms could be seen anywhere a ship went. Add a colonial uniform suggesting (maybe) Africa...

    Could the "pudgy boy scout" actually be a non German? A Boer? A British border/police/scout official?

    Like I said, waaaay out on a limb.

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    now my shot in the dark................. don`t ask me why but for me the whole scene looks like a shot from a theatre , cinema or other kind of acting thing.... it is too strange that one man of the Schutztruppen gives the hand to one native farmer (?) and two navy sailormen carry a german warflag...???!!!! Just my thoughts....

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