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    The attached image is a photo from a serie of five photos I recently acquired. All are portraits from a Oberfeldveterinär with the name Dr. Philipp Nickl. While the attached photo shows a portrait taken in June 1942, he died (or was killed) in September 1944. I can only assume he may have served as a divisional veterinarian. If so, would it be possible to find the unit he served with? There is no certainty regarding the rank, as he may have been promoted between June 1942 and September 1944. And I'm afraid the nice ribbon bar will not offer much assistance in this matter...



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    Very nice portrait (RR will like that ribbon bar)

    Oberstabsveterinär Dr. Philipp Nickl was KIA on September 11, 1944. He is laid to rest at the German war cemetery in Ysselsteyn, Netherlands. Grave location: Block W, Row 7 Grave 164

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    Guest Rick Research

    The name-- and ribbon bar-- also tell us that he was a Bavarian,

    and that as a full time Altekämpfer member of some uniformed Nazi Party organization, his army rank was as a reservist.

    He was not a regular officer of any type during the First war.

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