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    That has been for sale (buy it now) for months and months and months and months and he still hasn't bothered to read the name of the unit correctly. I've been tempted to offer him a whole 5 € for it on more than one occasion.


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    It is of course a 'Sweetheart Brooch'. Started mainly with the Boer War and they were common in both World Wars. Servicemen - of all ranks - gave their wives and girlfriends a brooch showing the Regt. or,unit they were serving in - the ladies then wore it to show the link with their husband. Even o/r's could give silver and gold brooches - but usually, when diamonds are present it will be from a senior officer. I have seen many of this quality - this one is of silver, gold and with quite a number of diamonds. I would think at auction it could easily go for £600 - £700 or, even more. A lot would depend on the quality of the diamonds - which of course you can't see in a picture.

    (My ident. iis based on a small size for a sweetheart brooch. There are in fact 60 small diamonds and chips.)

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