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    The Dynamo was the sports organization of the Ministry for State Security and the Police. It was divided into three sizes- the SC (sport club), the SG (Sportgemeinschaft- Sports community), and the SV (Sportvereinigung- Sports association). The SG Dynamo could have several SC Dynamos attached to it while the SV Dynamo could have several SG's and associated SC's attached to it. The SC Dynamo would concentrate on a single sport; the SG's would have a couple to a few sports under the same roof; the SV would have several sports under the same roof. The main Dynamo was SV Dynamo Berlin, and was headed by Erich Mielke- head of the Stasi- from it's inception in 1953 until 1989.

    I have a reasonable collection of Dynamo items I thought I'd share. First off, an early bronze honour badge (full size and miniature) and document from 1961.

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    Thanks, Gordon. I'm lucky enough to have a trusty copy of Bartel's 1998-99.

    Ralph Pickard has indicated that there will be a Dynamo section in his next book. With the emphasis placed on the organization (doping, high profile sports/gymnastics/skating informers, etc.), it is impossible (to me, anyway) that someone would collect the Stasi without collecting Dynamo.

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    Thanks again, Gordon.

    I guess that, since I didn't have the funds to chase the high dollar items when I began my collection, I went for the more obscure items that weren't as popular. As these items weren't popular, there wasn't a whole lot of material available on them so............ found a copy of the 1998-99 from the man himself, Frank Bartel, which began e-mailing back and forth; bought Ralph Pickard's book and, through the net, we've become friends; found a copy of the Feder book on the MfS; the rest is research, research and more research. At least the information is there, you just have to dig it up.

    Also, I do "trawl" the German location of our favorite auction site... there are still deals there. The first three groups of items I showed- bronze, silver and gold honour pins with documents to the same person- all ran me less than $30 including postage. I knew what I was looking for.

    Am currently working on the Romanian Securitate, and if anyone thinks the research on the Stasi is difficult, whew!!! Try the Securitate!

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