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    Searching for pictures of the WHITE Luftwaffe Tropical Pith Helmet

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    Does anyone have any pictures in their collection, or books, or period magazines that show the WHITE Luftwaffe Tropical Pith helmet in wear? Or does anyone have one of these helmets in their collections that they would be willing to post pictures of?

    I am also in the market for one of the eagles for the front of this helmet, so if you know of one that is available, please let me know.

    Here is a picture of the only example I know of this helmet. This helmet was owned by the friend of a WAF forum member, but it has since been sold.

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    Hi WWIIBuff

    Welcome to the GMIC.

    Just wondering why the emphasis on the colour of the helmet? If I remember correctly the Luftwaffe tropical pith helmet came in white, various shades of tan, olive green and blue.

    Also, having never seen a large Luftwaffe eagle on the front of the helmet, I take it that this would be (going on known KM examples) for Administration officials (Tropenhelm für Verwaltung Beamte)?

    If so, that would have to be a very rare lid.

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    Hi John, thanks for the reply and the welcome. Actually I purchased my helmet thinking it was a white KM pith helmet, but missing the front insignia. However when it arrived, I knew I had something different.

    There were two white KM versions, one with a silver eagle for administration, and one with a gold eagle for a line officer. I am not sure if there were two different color options or not for the large LW eagle. The scan below shows a page from the F. W. Assman and Sohne catalog with the large LW eagle listed (as well as the KM version), but it does not mention color. Curiously it is listed as being for a parade helmet.

    The white Luftwaffe pith helmet appears to be even rarer than the blue version, and may actually be one of the rarest pieces of 3rd Reich headgear. The leather trim and chinstrap were a pure white, but the helmet itself was actually an "off-white" (unlike the KM version which was a bright white) or a very light tan (lighter than the common tan LW pith with the light brown trim). As I mentioned, the picture I posted above is the only example I have heard of so far.


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