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    December 19, 1675-2005

    Guest Rick Research

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    Guest Rick Research

    On the 330th anniversary of one of the most terrible days in American history, one of those true knife's-edge of fate, do or die days in history when one way OR the other would have permanently changed the future-- our present--

    just a note of celebration that as things turned out, we aren't speaking French! :jumping::cheers:


    In memory of my two ten-times great-grandfathers present on that awful day, Hartford Dragoons Lieutenant John Stedman (b. ca 1627) who died there, and my double "x10" Wallingford Dragoon Captain called out of retirement Nathaniel Merriman, Sr (born Tenterden, Kent 1613/14, died in Wallingford 1694) whose oldest son and namesake also was killed there in the "Great Swamp Fight."

    Although forgoten outside of the memory of descendants of those present (if even them!) December 19, 1675 is one of those terrible days that should, like December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001 remain fixed in the nation's memory.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Yup, sounds like one of those Turtledove "alternate history/sci fi" books.

    English driven out northeast of the Hudson... vacuum for the French to have come down in (they were already up in what is now Maine) =

    no loss of Canada in 1759 and the United States might very well indeed now be part of "Greater Quebec" with a little English-ex-colonial strip along the Atlantic coast from the Carolinas to New York.

    The ramifications for "what if" are profound.

    We have had closer calls than most people ever realize.

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    Guest Rick Research

    To my certain knowledge, the site of the battle has never been surveyed, let alone excavated archaelogically, despite being the most significant site of native versus European conflict in New England. I expect at some point to hear that it has all been paved over for a used car dealership, or turned into yuppie sprawl. Yet a mere few miles west over the Connecticut line sit BILLIONS in "tribal" casino profits-- and no interest whatsoever. Slot machines and organized crime payoffs... you (pardon the pun) bet. Permanently preserving a national heritage (both sides) site ... :sleep:


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