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    Police Ambulance Service.

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    Does anyone know anything about the Metropolitan Police Ambulance Service? I have a group of Five with 1902 Coronation on the end , but know nothing about the organisation. Anyone help?

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    Kipling mentions in a short story called "Brugglesmith" police having access to wheeled stretchers:

    ?If Dempsey?s there, he knows me. Get the ambulance quick, and I?ll take him to Charing Cross.?

    ?You?re coming to Bow Street, you are,? said the policeman crisply.

    ?The man?s dying??he lay groaning on the pavement??get the ambulance,? said I.

    There is an ambulance at the back of St. Clement Danes, whereof I know more than most people. The policeman seemed to possess the keys of the box in which it lived. We trundled it out?it was a three-wheeled affair with a hood?and we bundled the body of the man upon it.

    The Metropolitan Police website mentions that the hand ambulances were in use until 1928.

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