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    One of my last obtains.... Victory Medal

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    Hello guys,

    Here is one of my last VM pick ups - G-1834 PTE D MC CORMACK R. IR.FUS..

    Thats strange to see two tots (..) end of the text on the rim - never seen anything like that (and I haven't seen muchcheeky.gif ).

    Anyway, today was nice day I and I received some materials about the owner of this humble medal.

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    I tried to read more about this unit and where they was deployed on internet and I must say it is a little pit confusing to me...

    First at all, does Garrison Battalion means the same as war period 2nd Battalion, like it is listed here....


    Or Garrison Battalion was something before the WW1 broke out?

    In this case they was most of the WW1 deployed outside Europe - pretty interesting service record, what I like.cheers.gif

    2nd Battalion

    August 1914 : at Quetta in India. Returned to UK, arriving at Winchester on 20 November 1914, where it came under orders of 82nd Brigade in 27th Division.

    19 December 1914 : landed at Le Havre.

    Moved to Salonika, arriving in early December 1915.

    2 November 1916 : transferred to 31st Brigade in 10th (Irish) Division.

    September 1917 : moved to Egypt for service in Palestine (Gaza battle and defence of Jerusalem)

    (From 1914-1918.net web)

    How I can find out more about this person and his service regarding materials what I have at this point? Any ideas?

    And why he didn't recieved BWM???

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    The quick answers are:

    The 2nd Garrison Battalion served in Salonika http://www.1914-1918.net/rifus.htm

    He did earn the British War Medal - the " " on that line means that the information was the same as the line above. You couldn't get the Victory Medal unless you had the British War Medal.

    I have no ideal why the person stamping the medal added an extra period after FUS.

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    Thank you Michael!

    Great confirmation... I start like VM-s more and more. Nice to pick up random ones and find out where the guy was or what he did...

    Long way to go for me of course to understand the British system well but I will learn each day.cheers.gif

    Thank you again!


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    Noor - notice the pencilled in word next to Daniel's regimental number? I suspect the word is "Returned", which often means the recipient never received his medals and that they were returned to the Medal Office. This was possibly due to the fact that he may have moved house or in some cases they were returned because the receiver was disillusioned with the whole aspect of the Great War and it's effect's on those taking part.

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