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A Pair of Red Cross Merit Medals


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A newly acquired pair of women's merit medals. The silver one came with this style of rosette which is correct for the order, but not sure if it is correct for the period when it was given? The gold one came with two types, one like the silver but with the gold shoulder which again is correct for the order, and also with the gold pin. I've observed that the orders in these more modern cases do occur with either the button rosette or the metal pin. What I'd really like to know is if there was a transition at some point where the buttons became pins??? Did a recipient get both??? Are the pins merely add-ons?? Any clarification, greatly appreciated!!

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The rosettes pre date the pins, you did not get both. Not sure when the metal pin was introduced but when I was awarded the silver cross of merit in 2002 I got a pin with it, not a rosette.

You have one of your own? SUPER-COOL!! biggrin.gif

Hello Dieter3,

Can't help with the questions but I wanted to say thanks for posting these beautiful medals.

They are true works of art.



Thanks Brian! They really are nice awards - the quality seems very good and they are with nice detail work.

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They can be awarded for various acts of merit that furhter the activities or mission of the Japanese Red Cross. The most common reason is fundraising or donations. The silver cross is currently awarded if you donate JPY200,000 (about $2,200) and the gold cross for JPY500,000 (about $5,500).

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