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Karl Marx Orden - opinions ?

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In my opinion, the Order is a genuine late model Karl Marx. I also believe it to be very over priced. Let's face it, you can get a 23k + platinum Order of Lenin for under $2,000 USD. Granted the Karl Marx is rarer, but this is the final version with the lower gold content- my guess is that this particular award was never issued, but is from old stock. Maybe worth 2,000 pounds- my opinion.

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Some things that you might want to think about when considering the purchase of an award like this. 1-Is there an award document in the holder? If so, then it would have been awarded. 2-Who is the document named to? 3-Who signed the document? 3-Is the signature at the bottome original or a facsimily? 4-The vendor says the back of the ribbon is marked 333. He does not say that the award itself is marked 333. All of these things will affect the price of the award. I agree with Greg that the award is over priced. Buying an award like this from anyone but a reputable dealer could be a problem.



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