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    this mini thingy will arrive by the end of this week. It was a part of small lot of Bavarian stuff and I'd like to know more about it.

    So what do we have here? Medal for Sudetenland, medal for South West Africa (?) and Long Service Award (with missing device?). Did I identify them correctly? Seems to be a strange combination without any EK2 or HK.

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    No, I don't think so... it's merely a pretty strange ribbon with unusual thick blacks stripes (like the ribbon of Deutscher Adler Orden) of the Erinnerungsmedaille an den Heimkehr Österreich... (Correction)

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    This is a pure 3.Reich era ribbon bar with:

    1: Medal for Sudetenland (Anschluss) , 1938

    2. Medal for Austria (Anschluss) , 1938

    3. some kind of 3.Reich long service , see the missing device in the middle... Wehrmacht or maybe police?

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