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    New Publication "Medaille Coloniale"


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    A new book about "La Médaille Coloniale" will be issued at the end of June 2010.

    Writen in french, this book is mainly dedicated to collectors of "La Médaille Coloniale", but gives also a lot of relevant information about French medals and bars manufacturers, marks and details.

    You can have a look on it here: http://editions.pb-co.fr/coloniale/coloniale.html and you could browse some pages of this very good book. You can order it directly on this web site.

    I have contributed to a short part and I encourage all those who are interested in collecting French medals to have it in his personal documentation.

    (Note I will not earn one penny or a cent with this advertising.)



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    Hi Chris,

    The two books are independent.

    The Hass book remains THE basic, but nowadays very scarce and hard to find.

    The Patrick Binet's book tooks again all topics presented by Hass, but includes new developements especially about the bars, the manufacturers and their marks.

    It has also a comprenhensive chapter about "La Médaille d'Outre-Mer" and its bars.

    This new book is more "collector oriented", let's say.

    My recommendation is to have both, if you could...



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    It looks like a great book! What is the Hass reference?

    I have never got into collecting these yet and have seen some real beauties. Have to be careful though, or I'll end up like Darrell; into everything!!speechless1.gif

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