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    Latest Find - Boer War - The Times of London

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    Good Afternoon ladies and Gentlemen.....

    My latest acquisition connected to the Boer War is a fantastic run of The Times of London, April - May - June of 1901.....

    Great reading and interesting sideline..... I know that most of these must be on line in some form or another most likely microfiche or scanned but to have the original papers is a step closer to the actual men mentioned in the pages.....

    In picture showing the Casualties.....

    6817 Sapper T. J. Mcginness, RE, Rheumatic Fever, is not in the published Casualty List or on the published medal roll.....

    3366 Pte. E. Ward, 1st South Lancs. Regiment is not on the published Casualty List, 1109 Sgt. G. Penwill is in Casualty List.....

    849 Pte. G. Ward, Wor. Regiment is also not in Casualty List.......

    Makes you wonder how many more are missing......

    Looks like I have some great reading by the bird bath (cannot afford a pool) this summer......


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    You may be aware of this - Times Online

    The search seems to work quite well but then when you go into the articles they hit you with the cost reading the detail! If you are going to use it a lot then an annual pass makes sense but if not you could get away with a daily pass!

    I think the Guardian and other newspapers have them also!


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    Mike - a nice 'run' for an interesting period. Unfortunately, these bound volumes are so often broken-up to be sold separately. They are popular with families who like to know what happened the day someone was born. For me - it was King Edward V111 th. - I was born on the 6th and he promptly abdicated on the 7th. - perhaps I was the cause and not the 'slag' ?

    For historical reference I prefer the Graphic or. The Illustrated London News.

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