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    QSA / KSA to Bomadier 84th Batt RFA Boer war

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    Dear All

    Just received my latest buys on Epay today. Looking for comments. In my opinion they are good but welcome extra comments. I think the QSA may have been renamed at some point but (unknown to me at time of bidding), it is a 'ghost' QSA. Which makes it even more exciting for me and I think is a valid modification as there are not a lot of these around!

    Good even patina, unmessed with clasps and rivets, good rim (slighlty offset on QSA) etc. (Thanks to QSAMIKE for guidance!)










    Over to you QSAMIKE and others of course!

    For those of you who are not sure of the significance of these medals:

    Info on 84th Batt RFA

    My Great, Great Uncle fought at this action and was also wounded (as Hopkins was) but not to the same extent as this medal recipient!

    Cheers Mike

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    Hello Mike.....

    Looks very good to me, a good combination of bars as well...... There have been many articles written about the Ghost Dates as to if they add value or not...... To me there is no reason for additional value to a ghost medal........


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