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    Knight?s Templar medals


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    I've seen these medals with colored shields. Red, white and blue. Does anyone know anything about those?


    Just one of the many, many variations of this medal. There were any number of companies making these, and as long as they looked something like the regular white cross, eagle, etc., the various Commanderies could order whatever they liked.


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    And a quick addenda to this. When I joined a Masonic Knights Templar Commandery in 1988, I was given one of these upon receiving the Malta degree. It is rather tinny and unmarked. We had the option of upgrading to a better variety with the name of our Commander on the top suspension bar.

    In the collectors market, they are often mistakenly sold as Civil War mourning crosses.

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     I was reading about these medals and I have some Masonic items one of which is this particular medal made my the Henderson Ames company you spoke of and I was wondering if perhaps that would help me date this medal? I don’t really know how to insert an image from a url, only from pictures on this phone. If you have any suggestions I’d definitely appreciate it! Thank you.





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